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Liz Climo
Saturday, June 17, 10:30 a.m.
Ages 3-8

Celebrate Father's Day with the great comic artist and creator of children's books, Liz Climo! She will share some of her books and do a drawing demonstration. In the charming Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad (a perfect Father's Day gift!), Rory loves spending time with his dad, but today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island home. He can't wait to tell his dad all about the things he can do all by himself, from crossing rivers to finding shelter from the rain. Little does Rory know, his father is never far behind. Liz Climo celebrates the bond between father and child with her adorable, deceptively simple illustrations and her timeless story of a child's quest for independence.

Available for signing:

  • Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad  $17.00
  • Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet  $16.99

Illustrated by Liz Climo:

  • You Don't Want a Unicorn! (by Ame Dyckman)  $16.99

Only Books Purchased at Children's Book World can be signed by authors during their visits, due to time constraints. We happily take advance phone and website orders for autographed books up until the day before the signing for those who can't attend.

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Rhode Montijo
Saturday, June 17, 2:30p.m.
Ages 4-8

Celebrate the second book in The Gumazing Gum Girl! series, Gum Luck, with author and illustrator Rhode Montijo! Gabby Gomez is back for more gum-tastic adventures! With her new powers, Gabby Gomez is living a dual life. Keeping her Gum Girl heroics a secret from her parents is not easy. Maybe it's time to come clean? But there's a new villain in town, and the city needs her! Get ready for more flavored-packed action as Gum Girl takes on a devious chef who's cooking up evil plans. It's another exciting adventure with the ever-elastic, super-stretchy superhero, Gum Girl!

Available for signing:

  • The Gumazing Gum Girl! Book 2: Gum Luck  $14.99
  • The Gumazing Gum Girl! Book 1: Chews Your Destiny  $14.99, $5.99p

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