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Hope Anita Smith
Saturday, April 15, 2:00 p.m.
Ages 8-14

Join award-winning author Hope Anita Smith for a poetry slam where everyone is a winner! We are looking for twelve young poets, ages 8 -14. Each poet will get three minutes to read a poem they've written. Ms. Smith will select one poem, judged on content and performance, to receive a $25 Children's Book World gift certificate; all other participating poets will receive $5 gift certificates. Call, come in, or send an email to to sign up to perform. Come join the fun and hear some exciting new poets!


Hope Smith

Only Books Purchased at Children's Book World can be signed by authors during their visits, due to time constraints. We happily take advance phone and website orders for autographed books up until the day before the signing for those who can't attend.

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Any teachers, grades K-8th, who would like to be added to our list of potential classes to invite to Children's Book World's Author Events, please call or email Sharon at (310) 559-BOOK/2665,

Cathryn Berger Kaye
Saturday, April 22, 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Ages 8-12

We will be jammin' on Earth Day to promote youth activism! From 2:30-3:30 p.m., kids from ages 8 -12 can participate in Take Action activities. What are you concerned about? The Environment? Immigrant Rights? Equal Rights for All? Support for Schools? Other Causes? Join award-winning educational consultant Cathryn Berger Kaye, co-author with Philippe Cousteau of Make a Splash!: A Kid's Guide to Protecting Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, & Wetlands, for a workshop on taking action. For kids and parents, we'll also have postcards and the addresses of your representatives if you want to let them know of your concerns.


Cathryn Berger Kaye

Sarah Mlynowski & Stuart Gibbs
Thursday, April 27*
*School event, public invited (call for details)

We are very proud to be hosting a joint author talk with two of our most popular middle grade authors, Sarah Mlynowski and Stuart Gibbs! Sarah Mlynowski is the author of the extremely popular Whatever After series and more. In the latest offering, Whatever After: Sugar and Spice, the magic mirror has dropped Abby and her brother, Jonah, into the story of Hansel and Gretel. If they're lucky, they may even get to taste the cake-house...But they didn't count on accidentally getting trapped. The real Hansel and Gretel are on the run, and Jonah and I have taken their place. And the witch is making a kid casserole for dinner...Stuart Gibbs has a new book in his bestselling FunJungle series: Panda-monium. FunJungle is frenzied, awaiting the arrival of its most thrilling animal yet--Li Ping--a rare and very expensive giant panda that the zoo went to enormous lengths to secure. But when the truck transporting Li Ping shows up, its precious cargo has vanished into thin air!

Available for signing:

  • Whatever After: Sugar And Spice   $17.99
  • Panda-monium   $16.99
  • And much more

Sarah Mlynowski
Sarah Mlynowski

Stuart Gibbs
Stuart Gibbs


Dan Santat
Tuesday, May 2*
Ages 4-8
*School event, public invited (ask for details)

There's a Rodzilla on the loose! Is he a monster...or just your typical toddler? Tune in for the full report in the riotous picture book Rodzilla, illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat. Rodzilla is the mightiest toddler to ever roam the streets of the city. Marvel at the sight of his chubby monstrosity. Gaze at his toothless grin. Take a whiff of, don't do that. Only a mother could love such a creature. Can he be stopped before he toddles one step too far? Told as an action-packed news report, kids will love following Rodzilla on his mighty tear through the city, and ultimately back to his parents' arms. Because sometimes even monsters need a little help.

Available for signing:

  • Rodzilla (illustrated by Dan Santat and written by Rob Sanders) $17.99
  • The Ghost of Luckless Gulch (illustrated by Dan Santat and written by Anne Isaacs $18.99
  • And more

James Burks
Wednesday, May 3*
Ages 7-11
*School event, public invited (ask for details)

Graphic novelist James Burks has a new installment in his very popular Bird & Squirrel series. In Bird & Squirrel on Fire, Bird and Squirrel are finally home from their long, crazy trip around the world. Now the duo is back in their beloved forest, and Bird wants to throw a party! But Squirrel isn't in the mood to celebrate. His house needs a good cleaning, the river has been dammed up by a pesky beaver, and the forest animals are jittery about a growing menace. Will the dam dry out the forest? Will the mysterious new danger ruin the party? Will Bird finally convince Squirrel to let go and just have a good time? Find out in their hilarious new adventure!

Available for signing:

  • Bird & Squirrel on Fire   $9.99p
  • Bird & Squirrel on the Run   $8.99p
  • Bird & Squirrel on Ice   $8.99p
  • Bird & Squirrel on the Edge   $9.99p

Jake Gerhardt Book Launch & Signing
Saturday, May 20, 2:30 p.m
Ages 10-14

Jake Gerhardt's new novel, My Future Ex-Girlfriend, is brimming with humor and hope. What happens when you finally capture the attention of your first crush? Do you suddenly know what to do? Do you magically learn the secrets of love? Not even close. Follow eighth graders Sam (the class clown), Duke (the intellectual), and Chollie (the athlete) as they fumble their way through boyfriend territory for the very first time.

Available for signing:

  • My Future Ex-Girlfriend  $16.99
  • Me & Miranda Mullaly  $16.99, $8.99p

Jake Gerhardt
Photo by Karen Todd.

My Future Ex-Girlfriend

Buy this book online

Liz Climo
Saturday, June 17, 10:30 a.m.
Ages 3-8

Celebrate Father's Day with the great comic artist and creator of children's books, Liz Climo! She will share some of her books and do a drawing demonstration. In the charming Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad (a perfect Father's Day gift!), Rory loves spending time with his dad, but today he wants to go on his own adventure and explore his island home. He can't wait to tell his dad all about the things he can do all by himself, from crossing rivers to finding shelter from the rain. Little does Rory know, his father is never far behind. Liz Climo celebrates the bond between father and child with her adorable, deceptively simple illustrations and her timeless story of a child's quest for independence.

Available for signing:

  • Rory the Dinosaur: Me and My Dad  $17.00
  • Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet  $16.99

Illustrated by Liz Climo:

  • You Don't Want a Unicorn! (by Ame Dyckman)>  $16.99

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