Author Events

Nick Bruel
Friday, January 19*
School event, public invited–call for details
Ages 7-12

Join extremely funny and popular author Nick Bruel as he talks about his new book and does a drawing demonstration. In the latest installment of Nick Bruel’s bestselling series, Bad Kitty: Camp Daze, Bad Kitty is headed for a camp experience like no other. Join the fun with Bruel’s hilarious text and illustrations as Bad Kitty goes off to camp.

Available for signing:

  • Bad Kitty Camp Daze $13.99
  • Bad Kitty Takes the Test $6.99p
  • Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet $6.99p
  • Bad Kitty for President $6.99p

Picture books:

  • Bad Kitty $16.99
  • Bad Kitty Does Not Like Candy $4.99p


Carter Higgins
Saturday, January 27, 10:30 a.m.
Ages 5-8

Join in a fun early Valentine’s celebration with local author Carter Higgins! Her delightful debut book, This Is Not a Valentine, is a celebration of affection and friendship. This book is not a valentine. It doesn’t have lacey edges or sugary hearts. But it is full of lucky rocks, secret hiding spots, and gumball machine treasures. This is a book about waiting in line and wishing for cinnamon buns. About recognizing that if you care so much about someone not thinking you care, maybe you really do. But wait–isn’t that exactly what love is about? Maybe this book is sort of a valentine after all. A testament to handmade, wacky, bashful, honest love–this offering from debut picture book author Carter Higgins is sure to win over the hearts of all readers.

Available for signing:

  • This Is Not a Valentine $14.99



Hope Anita Smith
Saturday, February 17, 2:00 p.m.
Ages 7-14

Hope Anita SmithOur 4th Poetry Slam is a celebration of love and admiration! We are looking for lovers of the spoken word, ages 7–14, to recite their original poetic tribute to a person, place, or thing who they admire. It could be an author, musician, parent, pet, personal hero, or even yourself. Each poet will get three minutes to recite or rap a poem or lyric they’ve written. We will select one poet from each age group, judged on poem content and performance, to receive a $25 Children’s Book World gift certificate; all other participating poets will receive $5 gift certificates. Call, come in, or send an email to to sign up to perform. Start writing your odes, tributes, and appreciations today!

Our judge, two time Coretta Scott King Award winning poet Hope Anita Smith, will be signing her books and available for writing and performing tips to the participating poets.

Available for signing:

  • My Daddy Rules the World $17.99
  • and more