Staff Favorites: Non-Fiction

Human Body TheaterHuman Body Theater
By Maris Wicks
Ages 10-14

This terrifically entertaining and informative book is a great new addition to the classic explorations of the human body for children. Told in graphic novel format with a theater theme, this book will be an essential addition to raising an informed and conscientious child. BREIN



Nice Work FranklinNice Work Franklin
By Suzanne Tripp Jurmain
Ages 6-10

How one man’s ambition, empathy and resilience enabled Americans to work past their fears to surmount the Great Depression. MARCELA



House That Jane BuiltThe House that Jane Built
By Tanya Lee Stone
Ages 5-10

An amazing picture book showing the importance of service and community.KEVIN



MesmerizedMesmerized! How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled all of France
By Mara Rockliff
Ages 7-10

Hypnotism, France, and the Scientific method all come together in this wildly entertaining picture book featuring founding father Ben Franklin! Perfect for science and history buffs of all ages!CHELSIE



Astro CatProfessor Astro Cat’s Frontiers of Space
By Dominic Walliman
Ages 6 & up

Professor Astro Cat is not only smart, he’s also cool and super-stylish, as evinced by this funky book that takes you to the edge of space and beyond. Laid out in a charming retro style and packed with facts about stars, planets, and the history and future of space exploration, this book is must have for anyone, young or old, with an interest in the final frontier.KEVIN



Ideas That Changed the WorldIdeas That Changed the World
By DK Publishing
Ages 10 & up

This is my new favorite book to pass the time. Did you know that the idea for a microwave (1947) started when a scientist accidentally melted a chocolate bar in his pocket? From the crane (515 B.C.E), to the Tesla Electric Car (2008), this book explains where everyday products come from. Do you know how many things needed to be invented just so I could enjoy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? It even talks about one of the greatest video games ever- Pong (1972)! What is Pong you ask? It is just like World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, except instead of futuristic graphics and overdubbed music it has dots and lines, and beeps! Well not as exciting, but if not for the invention of the Atari (1972) and Pac Man (1980) you would probably not be fighting ogres and elves right now. Without half of the items in this book, we would be sitting around the campfire, eating whatever we found lying around that day, and playing with a rock and some sticks. Ideas That Changed the World is a great gift for that budding inventor in your family. ANTHONY



Kon TikiKon Tiki
By Thor Heyerdahl
Ages 12 & up

Allow me to admit up front that I am a bit of a dreamer. I spend a lot of time making up stories and thinking about all of the crazy and impossible things I’d like to do with my life. It is this part of my character that makes me LOVE the “Exploration” section of our store. Each book in the section details the lives of men and women who dreamt big and tried to discover something new and exciting that they could then share with their fellow man. Some suceeded, some failed, but they all took a chance on something that others thought to be totally crazy.

Thor Heyerdahl exemplifies exploration to me. Imagine thinking to yourself,” I wonder if it’s possible to sail across the Pacific Ocean in a raft made out of some logs and reeds?” Then imagine that you actually did it! Thor Heyerdahl had an idea, a wildly different and potentially dangerous idea, and he decided to take the risk and see if his idea could become a reality. People thought he was nuts, and maybe he was, but he lived an adventure the likes of which most people (like me) can only dream of. Read it and then come up with some “crazy” dreams of your own. KEITH



Life-Size Zoo: From tiny rodents to gigantic elephants, an actual-size animal encyclopediaLife-Size Zoo: From tiny rodents to gigantic elephants, an actual-size animal encyclopedia
By Teruyuki Komiya
Ages 9-13

This Parents’ Choice Gold Award-winning oversized photographic book will enchant animals lovers young and old. With actual-size pictures of the faces of the larger animals and full-size of the smaller ones, photos so crisp that one is tempted to reach out and pet the gentle looking ones and jump back from the tiger’s huge fangs, Life-Size Zoo is captivating. With simple informative text accompanying the photos and sidebars filled with more interesting facts (I didn’t know that a baby koala is the size of a jelly bean at birth – a fact that delighted my 3 year old grandson Jack), the book spans the full age range of young kids who will be read to through older kids who will are ready and eager for more information regarding these fascinating animals. Other titles in the Life-Size series: More Life-Size Zoo and Life-Size Aquarium. SHARON



Monkey BusinessMonkey Business
By Wallace Edwards
Ages 6-9

Can of worms? Fish on a bicycle? Ever have difficulty “wrapping your head” around expressions like these? Well, “sink your teeth into” Monkey Business. Edwards’ humorous and richly illustrated collection of idioms offers visual puzzles to delight and challenge readers of all ages. Perfect for interactive use, this text is an enjoyable tool for teachers and parents interested in exploring figurative language with students. Plus, there is a monkey hidden on every page. Who wouldn’t go bananas for that? NIKKI



Owen and MzeeOwen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship
By Isabella Hatoff, Craig Hatoff, Paula Kahumbu
Ages 4 & up

When a baby hippo, Owen, was orphaned in the tsunami of 2004, he was rescued and placed in a Kenyan animal sanctuary. There he was adopted by the most unlikely of foster fathers, a 130-year-old giant tortoise named Mzee, whose species is known for being cantankerous loners. The story of their “family” highlights the best in all that share our planet: courage, love and cooperation in the face of great adversity. The photos alone will capture your heart. Though the official audience for this book is 4 to 9 years old, Owen & Mzee is for everyone who has hoped or worked for a better world. JANET



Superman Vs. the Ku Klux KlanSuperman versus the Ku Klux Klan: the True Story of How the Iconic Superhero Battled the Men of Hate
By Rick Bowers
Ages 11 & up

This is a terrific book for fans of comic books or history. It begins as a dual history, alternately describing the creation of Superman and the rise and influence of the Ku Klux Klan. Into this, Bower weaves the career of Stetson Kennedy, who worked tirelessly to expose the KKK for the hate-mongering group it was. In his mission to protect “Truth, Justice and the American Way,” Superman turned his attention to the KKK as it started to regain popularity after World War II. Read the book to find out what happened! CHERYL