Beginning Readers/First Chapter Books

Hilda and the TrollHilda and the Troll
By Luke Pearson
Ages 6 & up, graphic novel

Finally available in paperback, Luke Pearson’s Hilda and the Troll is a lovely fantasy-adventure sure to charm fans of Journey and Amulet alike. CHELSIE



GhostsIn a Dark Dark RoomGhosts! Ghostly Tales from Folklore and
In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

By Alvin Schwartz
Ages 6-8

Looking for some good scary stories for the younger set? Look no further than these two compilations by Alvin Schwartz! Both are spooky and will definitely send shivers down your spine, but won’t keep kids up all night. The stories in In a Dark, Dark Room are on the creepier side and include classic stories like “The Night it Rained,” a retelling of the famous “phantom hitchhiker” urban legend and “The Green Ribbon,” the story of a girl named Jenny with a dark secret. Ghosts! is a little better for the faint at heart and ends with “Ghost Get Lost,” a chant designed to get rid of any pesky ghosts that might show up after reading! Happy Hauntings! CHELSIE


Cooble Street CousinsThe Cobble Street Cousins: In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen
By Cynthia Rylant
Ages 6-8

This book is a fun and lighthearted treat, reminiscent of simple summers full of neighborhood adventures. It follows the tale of three cousins who share a room in their Aunt Lucy’s attic for the summer while their parents are away. Each girl has their own dreams and interests: Lily aspires to be a poet, Tess is eying the Broadway stage, and Rosie loves cottages with flowers. It is nice to see each character bring their unique tastes to the table as they work together to start up a cookie company. During this process, they meet some lovely neighbors and get to know them better. This book reminds us that we don’t necessarily need to go far away for a summer adventure- there may be some surprises waiting for you in your own backyard. GRACE


Anna HibiscusAnna Hibiscus
By Atinuke
Ages 7-12

Anna Hibiscus’s family is HUGE. She lives on a compound in Africa with her mother, father, twin brothers Double and Trouble, and innumerable Aunties, Uncles and Cousins. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but when everyone is busy working, cooking or taking care of the cousins, Anna Hibiscus can always count on her Grandfather to be there for her. It is her wise Grandfather who keeps harmony in the family when there are disagreements and who helps Anna learn from her mistakes. All families are different, but whether yours is large or small, you’ll love reading about Anna Hibiscus’s! CHELSIE


Tales for Very Picky EatersTales for Very Picky Eaters
By Josh Schneider
Ages 6 & up

There are plenty of picky eaters in the world, and no small share of parents has suffered exasperation and wringing-of-hands dealing with their moody foodies. In Tales for Very Picky Eaters one father must deal with his son’s culinary fussiness by endeavoring to expand his palette through a series of outrageous vignettes. Hilarious, bizarre, and just a little bit terrifying, these stories will cause you to think twice before you turn up your nose at that smelly broccoli or that lumpy oatmeal! KEVIN


Three Stories You Can Read to Your DogThree Stories You Can Read to Your Dog
By Sara Swan Miller, illustrated by True Kelley
Ages 4-8

Just as the title claims, this is a collection of three stories you can read to your dog?or your children, or a friend, or anyone of any age who loves all things doggie. Each story is playfully narrated to “good dog” and is chock-full of canine antics that will make adults and children alike laugh out loud. True Kelley’s light-hearted illustrations featuring a big, furry, sweet, earnest clown of a dog perfectly complement Miller’s whimsical stories. CHERYL


Bears in the NightBears in the Night
By Stan & Jan Berenstain
Ages 4-8

This is the first book that I can remember really wanting my parents to read to me every night, sometimes twice a night. The text couldn’t be easier to understand, the illustrations are spooky and fun, and the story will appeal to any boy or girl who likes a little mischief and adventure. KEITH