Graphic Novels

Sunny Side UpSunny Side Up
By Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm
Ages 9+

Sunny was ready for summer fun with her best friend at the Jersey Shore, instead she ends up on a plane to her grandfather’s retirement community in Florida. It’s a perfect blend of the quirky fun of the duo’s Babymouse graphic novels and the intense drama of Jennifer L Holm’s historical fictions (Turtle in Paradise and Penny from Heaven). CHELSIE



El DeafoEl Deafo
By Cece Bell
Ages 8 & up

Sweet, funny, and at times uncomfortably honest, El Deafo is author-illustrator Cece Bell’s autobiographical story of growing up hearing impaired. After a bout of meningitis as a young child, Cece is unable to hear and must spend her school days with a heavy and uncomfortable phonic ear strapped to her chest. Burdened with a growing sense of isolation, she struggles to fit in among her neighbors and classmates, and searches to find a true and lasting friendship. El Deafo is a wonderful, heartfelt memoir and an excellent read for any fans of Smile or Wonder. KEVIN


RelishRelish, My Life in the Kitchen
By Lucy Knisley
Ages 14 & up

In Relish, a graphic novel memoir/cookbook, Knisley reminisces about growing up in New York City, and upstate New York after her parents’ divorce. Having grown up surrounded by food/ restaurant culture in the city and farm-to-table culture in the country, Knisley has great stories involving food! Besides writing about her family and how food has shaped her life, she also writes about trips she’s taken: from Mexico to Japan to various parts of Europe, and how food played a role in her travels. At the end of each section, she illustrates a corresponding recipe. It’s so many different kinds of books in one, you’ll want to read it again and again! Not to mention, keeping it handy in your own kitchen. Perfect for kids and adults! ERYCA



Little FishLittle Fish
By Ramsey Beyer
Ages 16 and up

In Little Fish, a graphic novel-based memoir, Beyer tells her story of transitioning to college in a big city from her childhood in a small town. She uses familiar graphic novel storytelling techniques, along with her real journal entries, and ‘zine pages from that time. After starting art school in Baltimore, Beyer feels out of place and fairly naive. As time goes on her new found interests and friends make being away from home easier, and she reflects on how she’s changed when she visits home. Little Fish is a coming of age story anyone can relate to. A really enjoyable read, perfect for teens going through a transition, or adults reflecting on their younger self! ERYCA



Adventures of Rabbi HarveyThe Adventures of Rabbi Harvey: A Graphic Novel of Jewish Wisdom and Wit
By Steve Sheinkin
Ages 10 & up

Rabbi Harvey travels from New York to the mythic “wild West” in search of work. Upon arriving in Elk Spring, Colorado, he vanquishes a band of bad guys, using not a 6-shooter, but his signature wit. The grateful citizens of Elk Spring hire him as their rabbi. He proceeds to counsel the confused, confound the corrupt, and comfort the clueless. Harvey’s common sense, good heart and deadpan humor rule the day. For readers 10 to 100 — of any religion, or none. JANET



Explorer: The Mystery BoxesExplorer: The Mystery Boxes
By Kazu Kibuishi
Ages 9-14

This imaginative graphic novel anthology contains seven amazing short stories about mysterious boxes and the people who find them. Some are lucky, some are not and the stories in Explorers run the gamut from the hilariously silly tale of a butter-thieving spirit to the downright spooky story of a girl who gets more than she bargained for when she finds a wax doll that comes to life. Look for contributions from the writers and illustrators of some of your favorite graphic novels, including Raina Telgemeier (Smile) and Kazu Kibushi (Amulet). CHELSIE


HerevilleHereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword
By Barry Deutsch
Ages 9 to adult

The byline alone, “yet another troll-fighting 11-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl,” tells the reader that this isn’t your ordinary superhero story. Mirka, living the life of a conventional Orthodox Jewish girl, would rather be slaying dragons than sitting in class or doing household chores. Family, presented with its realistic complexities, plays an essential role in this graphic novel. In particular, Mirka’s stepmother–though demanding–demonstrates both unexpected wisdom and a loving heart. And Mirka gets her wish to be a hero: she wrestles an enormous pig, outwits a witch, and battles a troll, in a story that seamlessly knits together the mundane and the magical. JANET


Lunch LadyLunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
By Jarrett Krosoczka
Ages 8-12

Do you love Captain Underpants? Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Herbert?s Wormhole? Then you?ll love the daring adventures of a vigilante lunch lady who is always ready to serve up Lunch and Justice. In the first volume of this wacky adventure series, Lunch Lady and her assistant Betty suspect that foul play is afoot when a teacher suspiciously goes missing and is replaced by a substitute who seems too good to be true. Will help from a plucky group of students and her arsenal of kitchen-themed gadgets be enough to help Lunch Lady crack the case and preserve the sanctity of the Teacher of the Year award? Find out in Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute! CHELSIE