Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! (Paperback)

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Ely, Age 11

I liked the book. It was good and it was funny. It was weird that he had to put broccoli on his neck. Also, when he could not eat for a day, that would be too hard. Then he had to do nothing and he lost. 


Michelle, Age 11

When Milo went to the library to look for a book on a shelf, a book fell on his head. He looked at the cover and it said, "Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days!" He wants to be a perfect person so he checked it out. He followed the instructions and when he was on the last day, he felt "human" again.


Raul, Age 11

I like the book because it was funny and it had weird sentences. Also it has a lot of twists. Also it has the funniest people in the book.


Sam and Isabella, Age 11

This book is about a boy who tries to become perfect in just three days. The author of the book he reads is names Dr. Silverfish. He gives him instructions on becoming perfect. We think it is funny and interesting to read. After you read this book, you might wonder if being perfect is the answer. 

— From Kid Reads


Is it possible? Can an ordinary human being really become a perfect person in three short days?

Milo Crinkley thought so. What gave him the idea was a book that fell on his head one day at the library--a book with the impressive title Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days The author, Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish, did look kind of weird, but he claimed to be the world's leading authority on perfection.

Milo took the book home and followed its instructions. He liked the idea of being perfect. Perfect people never had their parents nag at them. Perfect people never had to take the blame for rotten tricks their sisters played. Perfect people never needed erasers. Perfect was obviously the perfect thing to be

Did Milo become a perfect person in just three days? More important, can you?

Do you think we're going to answer all your questions here when we want you to read this hilarious book?

A personal message from Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish, world's leading expert on perfection:

● Maybe you think it's all a lot of baloney. Maybe you think nobody can
become perfect in three short days. Well, maybe you should think again

Here's my no-risk guarantee:

Try this book for just three days. If you're not absolutely delighted
with the results, you can go soak your head. Now, what could be fairer
than that?

● I won't be satisfied until every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth completes my amazing crash course in perfection. So, remember: If you don't read this book, I'm going to tell on you

Winner of five kid-voted statewide awards

California Young Reader Medal
Charlie May Simon Award (Arkansas)
Georgia Children's Book Award
Nene Award (Hawaii)
Sunshine State Award (Florida)

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Publication Date: January 12th, 2018
Pages: 62
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