Notebook: I write and learn! 5 Hazaragi words everyday, 6" x 9". 130 pages (Paperback)

Notebook: I write and learn! 5 Hazaragi words everyday, 6
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Always wanted to learn the Hazaragi language but you find it difficult to commit and stay consistent? We made this notebook for you We organized the pages so you wil commit to write and learn at least: 5 words everyday, 35 per week and 150 words per month. This is it Time to learn Hazaragi words everyday

Important notes about this notebook:
  • This is a low content notebook to help you learn the language. We made it in a unique style so each page contains 3 days of learning (It could carry up to 15 words per page).
  • This is not a dictionary This is not a learning book this is a notebook where you write down the words and learn them at your pace.
  • It has 130 pages. Each page has 15 lines, not college ruled (left vertical line) so you could have more space in the page to write in ease. you have a place dedicated for the date so you know which words you learnt in which day.
  • Amazing cover which makes your notebook different and unique in its style.
  • 6 inches x 9 inches.
  • Matte cover, White paper inside.
  • First page is blank (no lines) with a sentence "This notebook belongs to" where you could write your name and information so If this notebook gets lost or missing, the person who founds it return it to you. It has also Rules explaining how to use the notebook.
  • The page 129 (before last) has 3 questions:
    1- How was your experience?
    2- How many words did you learn?
    3- Write down the amount of words you will learn next year:
    these questions will help evaluate yourself and know your future target (the words you want to learn next year).
  • Page 130 is for you to write down whatever you want.

You can always offer this Notebook to your children, wife, husband, family, friends, coworkers or anyone dear to you.

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