Germs vs. Soap (Hardcover)

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Germs beware The secret world of germs and the battle of handwashing is revealed in this hilarious and rollicking read-aloud Germs vs. Soap.

A perfect story addition in today's landscape with educational tidbits and ... bathroom humor, just right for the youngest set.

Getting kids to wash their hands is no easy task. To kids, handwashing can seem annoying, boring, and even pointless-their hands don't look dirty Enter Germs vs. Soap, an infectiously funny read-aloud from author Didi Dragon that unveils the secret world of germs and their quest to take everyone's "energy cupcakes" but only if soap doesn't get in the way...otherwise it's all down the drain for them.

Author Dragon weaves a tale that is based in science and yet wildly imaginative. With playful and silly illustrations and educational graphics combined with slapstick humor and hilarious text, families and young readers, along with teachers and librarians, will find this book particularly topical and useful in today's landscape, supporting health and handwashing units at school with new COVID-19 protocols, and also providing awareness about why it is important and how to properly wash your hands.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735252421
ISBN-10: 1735252425
Publisher: Aha! Press
Publication Date: June 28th, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English