Polar Dogs: Dreams of being on top of the world (Dog Tales) (Paperback)

Polar Dogs: Dreams of being on top of the world (Dog Tales) By Thurston Jones Cover Image
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A story of three polar dogs who became lost from their pack. Follow these homeless dogs as they dream of being back on top of the world

Ole, Bjorn and Kwan are friends and are members of the same pack of dogs. The pack of sledge dogs race from town to town in the snow and deliver goods to people who really need them. The dogs become homeless one day as they lose their friends in a snow storm.

However, they have each other's friendship and support and are able to have lots of fun as they explore the beautiful polar lands. When they become tired and huddle with each other to go to sleep, they realise that they do have an imaginary owner who visits them from the stars and allows them to dream far more fun and adventure.

Polar Dogs is an uplifting, rhyming story that explores the importance of natural beauty, friendships and belonging. They wake each morning and fill their days and nights with as much as life can give them.

This beautifully illustrated picture book is suitable for children aged between four to nine. A great bedtime read or as a classroom story to encourage discussions on animal kindness and the environment.

'They may not have much; they may not need much but they may want you '

Follow them and their simple beat of life again and again and again.

This simple story relates to the simple rhythm of life. The homeless dogs learn to cope and make the most of what life has given them. They eat, exercise, stay clean and maintain their joyful spirit every day and night. It is when they dream, that we realise that they are able to transcend themselves to even greater joy.

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ISBN: 9781800688421
ISBN-10: 1800688423
Publisher: Independent Publishing Corporation
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2022
Pages: 30
Language: English
Series: Dog Tales