The Song of Blood and Bones (Paperback)

The Song of Blood and Bones By Lanne Garrett Cover Image
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We all will pay tithe in the end.

The horn blows over Elphame.

The warning is ignored.

An oath has been broken.

The wild hunt has begun.

No lie can save you.

The truth cannot set you free.

Elphame has called for blood.

We all will pay tithe in the end.

In Elphame, where every Crow Taken faces slavery and certain death at the hands of Fae, Perdi is the first to survive and the last to be Taken. Cut off from the mortal realm, the horn of Elphame sounds for only her. An oath breaker has been named, and the call has tasked Perdi with hunting down the truth before wild magic decides the fate of them all. It rests on Perdi's shoulders to save herself, her people and the man she loves from an unstoppable power-the Caller of Crows.

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ISBN: 9781802505559
ISBN-10: 1802505555
Publisher: Finch Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 2023
Pages: 312
Language: English