You Got Me Twisted (Wahida Clark Presents a Young Adult Novel) (Paperback)

You Got Me Twisted (Wahida Clark Presents a Young Adult Novel) By Gloria Dotson-Lewis Cover Image
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Makenzie does not hesitate to throw bows, blows or whatever else she can find if you cross her the wrong way. Either you ll give her respect or she ll take it. Her ex-boyfriend, Jordan, finds out the hard way when he discovers his car decorated after Makenzie catches him rolling through the neighborhood with another female on his side. Her new boyfriend Issayah is a keeper and Makenzie has no doubt that he's feeling her. But when his Drama teammate Robyn starts making moves on her man, Makenzie has to set things straight. Mya, Makenzie's ride or die friend tries to reassure her that Robyn is not a factor. But when Makenzie gets heated no one can calm her down. Makenzie's temper finally lands her in front of a judge who orders her to see a shrink. When dark family secrets that had been buried for years are suddenly resurrected, things soon become clear. But will Makenzie realize that a beat down is not the answer to everything before it's too late or will the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center become her new home?

About the Author

Gloria Dotson-Lewis is a budding author who resides in a suburb near Chicago. Her debut, Living Proof was a short story contribution to the critically acclaimed HIV/AIDS anthology, The Shattered Glass Effect. Ninety-Nine Problems and You Got Me Twisted are her first young adult novels. Currently pursuing her degree in Social Work, this married mother of three is dedicated to creating a non-profit organization geared specifically toward African American teen girls. Her goal is to create an environment that will empower, encourage and educate young women with the skills they need to make responsible choices that will lead to a healthy, successful future.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781936649457
ISBN-10: 1936649454
Publisher: Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: November 21st, 2012
Pages: 160
Language: English
Series: Wahida Clark Presents a Young Adult Novel