Presidents' Day Jokes for Kids: Funny and Educational (Paperback)

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Presidents' Day reading can be lots of fun with these very patriotic jokes for kids. They'll enjoy having jokes to share that are all themed around Presidents' Day. These jokes are clean, kind, and perfect for kids of ages 8 to 12. Read jokes about American history, the most beloved presidents, and important events. These jokes are mostly about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington but there are a few other presidents in there as well. The knock-knock jokes are specially crafted to help kids remember important facts about Presidents' Day and some lesser known presidents.

Q: Why did George Washington have trouble sleeping?

A: Because he couldn't lie.

Knock, Knock.

Who's there?


Jimmy who?

Jimmy a Carter food for the longest-lived president

Q: Which famous person do you get when you make a wreath out of $100 bills?

A: Aretha Franklin

This book includes:

Presidents' Day riddle jokes,

funny Presidents' Day knock-knock jokes,

and Presidents' Day tongue twisters.

Every Joke has a cute picture

The very last page has a bonus joke The questions are on the front facing pages and the answers are on the back of each question page so that the reader does not see the answers right away. All pages are colorful and each joke is beautifully illustrated.

About the author:

Gillian Nyla Phillips is a mom that loves to create books and games for kids. Having been a primary school teacher herself, she has always found the need to make her own classroom materials to suit her students. She is currently an online curriculum designer and teacher author.

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