The Lawyer and the Astronaut (Hardcover)

The Lawyer and the Astronaut By Jerry Lucas Cover Image
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Josh is a young man in the year 2446. He just lost his job and is finding it very difficult to find another job. He happens to meet Laura, who is in exactly the same predicament. The two quickly develop a strong friendship followed by a torrid love affair. Complications arise when Josh finally finds a job as a space traveler and interplanetary explorer. While Josh does not want to part with Laura, the new job is probably the only thing he can find. It also blends well with Josh's fascination with outer space.

The new job sends Josh away from the Earth for 1250 years, as measured on the Earth. Laura agrees to be cryogenically frozen for that time. Josh travels to another world where he collects his scientific data, and at the same time has to fight ferociously to survive.

Meanwhile, Laura is woken up, and told that Josh has not returned and his whereabouts are unknown. Laura must fend for herself and forge a new life in the far distant future, not knowing if she will ever be reunited with Josh.

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ISBN: 9798889453826
Publisher: Brilliant Books Literary
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2023
Pages: 276
Language: English