Children's Book World Readers Council

Do you love books and reading? Are you the friend everyone goes to for book recommendations? Do you count down the days until your favorite author's next book comes out? Apply for the Children's Book World Readers Council! Council members read new books before they're released, attend meetings with other book lovers, and share your favorite books with other kids. 

In the past, the Readers Council has only been open to high school students, but this year we will have two separate groups-- one for teens, and one for middle grade readers! Each group will meet once a month to discuss upcoming books, share reviews, contribute to a monthly publication of reader recommendations, and create a book display inside the store. 

What do CBW Readers Council Members do? 

  • Read advance reader copies of unpublished books and recommend books the book buyer should order for the store
  • Write reviews of books, feature stories, and opinion stories to help readers learn more about upcoming books
  • Assist with monthly "Readers Recommend" publication
  • Create book displays
  • Participate in monthly meetings with peers*

Visit the following pages to learn more and apply! 

Grades 8-12: Teen Readers Council

Grades 4-7: Youth Readers Council

Frequently Asked Questions

A note on accessibility: We are invested in creating a community that is open to all young people who want to participate. If you or a young person you know would like to join one of our Readers Councils, but have concerns about accessibility, please get in touch with us at We are committed to finding solutions for any barriers to participation.