The Crankypants Tea Party Signed/Personalized Copy

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Primary Author: 

Bottner, Barbara

Other Authors: 

Barba, Ale

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Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
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Book Description: 

The Day the Crayons Quit meets Winnie the Pooh in this hilarious and tea-riffic illustrated picture book about stuffed animals who start bickering at their tea party.

It’s tea time at Clarissa’s house, but her guests are not in the mood for a party:

Elephant is upset about the ice cream Clarissa dropped on his head.

Rabbit is still damp from being left outside.

Pig has a rip that’s yet to be repaired.

Monkey is miffed over being put to bed when he wasn’t even tired.

Bear has been forgotten all week long.

And, the stuffies declare, Clarissa thinks she’s Queen of the Universe!

So instead of a tea party, Clarissa finds herself at a crankypants party! Can Clarissa and her stuffed animals make up before their tea gets cold, or will they continue to steep in their crankiness?