The Donkey's Gone!

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Primary Author: 

Arabian, Omid

Other Authors: 

Shakoori, Shilla

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Triangle Square
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Book Description: 

A Rumi story turned into a fun, illustrated allegory for kids.

The 13th century Sufi mystic, Islamic scholar, Persian poet and storyteller Rumi remains a towering cultural force, and possibly the most widely read poet in the world--especially on the subject of love. Here a simple tale about a donkey keeper staying at an inn becomes a parable for life lessons of joy and sorrow that will be universally understood by children in this adaptation by the Rumi scholar Omid Arabian, illustrated with great humor and authenticity by the Iranian-born artist Shilla Shakoori.

The Donkey's Gone is based on a story from The Masnavi, which is an epic compilation of Rumi's wisdom in the form of poems and short stories. Adapted for children, it retains Rumi's wit and insight while also relating a cautionary tale about what we stand to lose when we imitate others and conform.