Eat Bugs: Project Startup Classroom Book Donations


Eat Bugs: Project Startup Classroom Book Donations

Help get entrepreneurship into classrooms and spark kids’ innovation! Co-written by two entrepreneurs who landed a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban, Eat Bugs: Project Startup is the first book in a new middle grade fiction series about entrepreneurship for grades 3-6. Join Hallie and Jaye as they build their own buzz-worthy business making food with an unusual ingredient, bugs! Kids learn about business skills, entomology, sustainability, friendship, and what it takes to turn their own ideas and dreams into reality. 

Would you consider sponsoring a classroom (or two)?
$320 = full classroom
$160 = half classroom
All donations are tax deductible.

Through your generous donations, we will provide eligible classrooms with:

1. A full classroom set of Eat Bugs: Project StartUp. Every student will take home and keep their own hardcover book.

2. Supplementary educational materials prepared by teachers that provide classroom lessons, projects, and activities with a focus on entrepreneurship, STEM, and ELA (English Language Arts).

3. Stickers and bookmarks, as well as themed puzzles and crafts

4. An opportunity to meet the authors through an interactive virtual classroom presentation and learn about entrepreneurship firsthand

Every donation will be matched with an eligible classroom (Title I schools or teachers who have demonstrated need, community commitment, and that the books will be used effectively), and you will be informed of the school and city your donation directly supported.  Please contact to learn more or for broader corporate sponsorship opportunities.

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