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FOLKMANIS® believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life. The company has been making the most innovative and engaging specialty puppets in the world since 1976, delighting imaginations and winning nearly every industry, child development, and kid-tested award – many repeatedly.

Small Lamb Puppet

SKU: X3129

Sweet and gentle, the Folkmanis® Small Lamb puppet sits up ready for play or story time. Animate mouth and all four legs to engage with this personality filled barnyard baby animal.

Price: $24.00
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Chipmunk Mini Puppet

SKU: X2637

This tiny woodland creature appears to be alive when nestled atop your finger. With lifelike detail, this MINI CHIPMUNK finger puppet will bring to your home the charm of a walk in the woods.

Price: $8.50
Out of Stock

Yorkie Pup Puppet

SKU: X3039

Adorably shaggy, the chocolate and peanut butter colored YORKIE PUP looks real when you move his mouth and sniff around with his little snout. Use your free hand to wag his tail and the illusion is complete.

Price: $26.00
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Sea Otter Baby Puppet

SKU: X2960

Nestled in your arms, the soulful eyes of the charming Folkmanis® BABY SEA OTTER puppet will bring out your nurturing instincts. This playful puppet is flexible and easy to animate. Make him groom his soft fur and whiskers for captivating fun!

Price: $19.00
Out of Stock

Wombat Puppet

SKU: X3133

The Folkmanis® Wombat puppet is a curiously cute critter from down under. Resembling a short, stocky bear, this animal is known to burrow extensive tunnel systems…can you dig it?

Price: $44.00
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