Grumpy Monkey Play All Day - Preorder: Published on Tuesday, September 24, 2024

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Lang, Suzanne

Other Authors: 

Lang, Max

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Random House Studio
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Book Description: 

The New York Times bestselling Grumpy Monkey series returns with another delightful picture book featuring a stubborn Jim Panzee who only wants to play all day and ignore everything else. Children and perents alicke will relate to this silly book about procrastination.

One fine morning, Jim Panzee wakes up and decides that all he's going to do is play all day. Whether it's tidying his branch, finding bananas for lunch, or even taking a bathroom break, Jim wiggles out of it. For him nothing is more important than having fun. Like so many kids, Jim is great at avoiding his responsibilities.

Instead, Jim Panzee spends time swinging with the monkeys, singing with the birds, and rolling around with the zebras. When his friends return home, Jim finds new animal friends so he can keep on playing. But by the end of the day, when Jim is dirty, itchy, and hungry, his best pal Norman patiently tells him “Too much of anything can be, well, too much.”

In a world where most kids would love to spend all their time playing, Jim Panzee finds out what happens when that’s all you do.