Hollywood vs. the Galaxy (Alien Superstar #3)

Price: $14.99

Primary Author: 

Winkler, Henry

Other Authors: 

Oliver, Lin; Nicolle, Ethan

Binding Type: 



Amulet Books
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Book Description: 

Another hilarious, action-packed intergalactic adventure in the New York Times bestselling series by superstar authors Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Buddy’s out-of-this-world adventures continue! Since Citizen Cruel failed to capture Buddy, the Supreme Leader is left with no other choice: he must go to Earth himself to make sure Buddy is returned to his home planet for the ultimate punishment. While an unsuspecting Buddy is acting on his Hollywood sitcom, the Supreme Leader’s powers of mind control weave a delicate web to entrap him. Will Buddy be caught? Will he succumb to these menacing powers? Will the Earthlings ever find out who Buddy Burger truly is? These are the questions that will keep readers turning pages until the end of this action-packed, side-splitting comedy adventure in the New York Times bestselling middle-grade series.