Memories of Bob Garza


Bob was an incredibly hard worker. He just wouldn't stop as long as there was something needed doing. But much more than that he was also a great listener and very thoughtful interlocutor. If I was having a bad day, he'd make it better without even trying; just by being his unflappable self. Bob was a great, funny, intelligent, calm presence, and his passing leaves a large hole in our lives.  - Cheryl Clark

I am blown away and numb at the same time. Bob was a fixture. A quiet superhero who I imagined would always be around. We first worked together at Children’s Book And Music Center. I sold books and Bob was in the back making sure everything worked. He was the glue behind the scenes.Even before he came to Children’s Book World he was the go to guy. Anything we didn’t know, ask Bob! He was so dedicated and knowledgeable and just an all around solid guy. I can’t fathom pulling up behind the store and not seeing him. He will be sorely missed. - Barney Saltzberg

bob was my uncle, i have many memories of him, not one bad one, he was always an influence on me in many aspects of life but books,music and politics were his specialty and i will never forget him and all the conversations we’ve had over the years. i remember him coming home many times and bringing me and my little brother books for us to read and we still have most of those books to this day that we’ve now passed down to my son. my uncle immediately brought toys and a book for my boy as soon as he could and it breaks my heart that he won’t get to talk to him and soak up his knowledge but he will not be forgotten and my son will know him through our memories. sorry to make this sad which is not my goal but i don’t know how else to express the hole we all have at our house now. We love children’s book world and thank you for treating my uncle so well!!  - ricky

I remember Bob working with my mother Miriam Sherman. He was so personable and always pleasant. He always was smiling and was such a caring person. I am sad to hear of his passing and I know his smiling face and wealth of knowledge will surely be missed by all his coworkers at Children's Book World. My sincere and deepest condolences to all his family and friends. - Linda Sherman Marchman

My heart goes out to all members of the CBW Family. We are spread far and wide and we are a group of colorful souls dedicated to the belief in the power of the printed word to help fashion a more just and loving world. Bob is part of the thread that holds together this mosaic, a constant beam of light, a warm and supportive friend. I am a better person for the bonds created when I joined the team many years ago and I remain joyful that you are all ever present in my thoughts and memories. - Richard Ganoung