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Author Nell Cross Beckerman Caves Book Cover - People exploring cave that is lit from hole above where explorer hangs from a rope.
When the Sky Glows Book Cover - Sherbet multi-colored sky above a golden meadow with two farmers and a deer looking to the horizon. Down Under the Pier Book Cover - three kids march playfully along a beach underneath a pier with a sunset on the ocean horizon.

Saturday, October 8th at 12PM - 1PM

Preorder  personalized copies of the newest books from author Nell Cross Beckerman

Caves (to be published on October 4th, 2022)

When the Sky Glows (to be published on September 13th, 2022)

 Down Under the Pier (available now)

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About the author: Nell Cross Beckerman writes books for children, inspired by the magic of free play and exploration in nature. Her debut, DOWN UNDER THE PIER, is illustrated by Rachell Sumpter and published by Cameron Kids.  Coming next in 2022 are the poetic non-fiction books, WHEN THE SKY GLOWS (Beach Lane Books/ Simon & Schuster) illustrated by David Litchfield and CAVES (Scholastic) illustrated by Kalen Chock . She is a former documentary TV producer/director and produced shows and websites for Nickelodeon, MSNBC, MTV, VH1, New Line Cinema, and The Discovery Channel in NYC, where she also co-founded a popular online parenting community, West Village Parents.  Today, she lives in Culver City, CA with her two daughters and husband, and her Maltipoo, Teddy.
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