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About the book: A captivating story about a friendship lost and found between a cat named Squash and her constant companion Maggie. Squash, who looks a lot like the vegetable, is an early-breakfast, lots-of-naps kind of cat. Maggie is a wake-up-late, wild-playdate kind of girl. Despite their differences, they are the best of friends. That is until one day Squash confuses Maggie's new toy for a dangerous beast and makes a terrible mistake. An unbelievably BIG MISTAKE. Now Squash is a can't-face-Maggie kind of cat, and Maggie is a wishes-she-had-her-toy kind of girl. But the thing about best friends is, one way or another, they always a way back to each other. In this story of accountability and forgiveness, these cute characters help kids learn the important lesson of owning up to your actions and being able to accept an apology. Best friends fight and teaching young readers how to deal with it when it happens, is an invaluable social emotional learning skill. Squash and Maggie show kids how easy it can be.

About the author: Sasha Mayer loves to doodle, no matter where she is or whether she has a pencil or stylus in hand. This passion, along with her whimsical style, led her to a career designing brand looks and packaging for toys, video games, and more. Along the way, at Mattel, she co-created the brands Monster High and Ever After High. Sasha is now devoting her talent to writing and illustrating picture books. She is an illustrator, writer, and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and sons. Squash, the Cat marks her debut as a picture-book author and artist. You can follow Sasha on Instagram at @sashamayerdraws

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