Say My Name - Published on September 26, 2023

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Ho, Joanna

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Le, Khoa

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"In moving, lyrical prose, the book celebrates the beauty and sounds of each name alongside their culture of origin. The author builds a strong case that everyone should embrace their names and honor and learn those with which they may not be familiar." —Kirkus (starred review)

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Ho, of Eyes that Kiss in the Corners, creates a meaningful and diverse picture book about how names define us.

Names reveal generational ties and histories, weaving an intricate tale of the past. Names—and correctly saying them—are important. Each one carries the hopes, dreams, and traditions of those that came before us.

Six captivating kids connect with the reader, proudly celebrating their names, backgrounds, and ancestors:

  • Hé Xiao-Guang from China
  • Ofa Kivaha Tupoumalohi from the South Pacific
  • Bijan Hosseini from Iran
  • Nizhoni Yazzie, who is Navajo
  • Xóchitl Luna from Mexico
  • Akosua Acheampong from Ghana

Joanna Ho’s lyrical story explains how saying a person’s name is the only way we can truly know another.