The Smell of Wet Dog: And Other Dog Poems and Drawings - Preorder: Published on September 10, 2024

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Saltzberg, Barney

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Neal Porter Books
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Equal parts heart-melting and stinky, The Smell of Wet Dog is a must-have illustrated poetry book for every young canine fan.

The smell of wet dog is not a good smell.
When a dog is wet it’s easy to tell.
Imagine moose and skunk perfume.
An odiferous stench, a paint-peeling plume.

Beloved author and illustrator Barney Saltzberg offers up twenty-seven poems on the evergreen topic of human’s best friend. Many have all the humor of a Shel Silverstein classic. Others are unexpectedly poignant, about shelter dogs waiting for adoption, or older dogs growing less spry. All are accompanied by Saltzberg’s lively and loveable artwork. 

Whether you are a dog lover, love a dog lover, or are simply dog-curious, The Smell of Wet Dog is for someone in your life. One thing’s for sure: You’ll leave this book inspired to write an ode to a furry friend of your own!

A Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection