What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures - Signed by Barney Saltzberg

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Primary Author: 

Saltzberg, Barney

Other Authors: 

Saltzberg, Barney; Curtis, Jamie Lee

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Creston Books
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Book Description: 

How creatively do you see things?

She took photographs of things she loved and sent them to him. He drew pictures on her photographs of things he saw and sent them back to her.

Real-life friends Barney Saltzberg and Jamie Lee Curtis share their fun, funny, and imaginative creations, encouraging readers to find their own unique perspectives lurking in puddles and noodles, fruit and flowers. This project was born out of a school visit where Jamie complimented Barney's creativity, lamenting her own inability to draw . . . and Barney countered that everyone is creative in their own way. They joined forces to create a book that is sure to inspire kids of all ages.